Lausanne is the capital of the Swiss canton of Vaud and sits at the Northernmost point of Lake Geneva. It has a compact city centre which is steeped in history and culture, but the student population keeps Lausanne current and vibrant, with theatres, the arts, and night-life on a par with the most beautiful European capitals. 


Given its perfect harmony with nature, it will be no surprise that Lausanne is one of Europe’s greenest cities with lots of wonderful parks to explore. There is a harmony of architecture as well, with the historic town called “La Cité” and a must-see gothic cathedral (often considered the most beautiful example in Switzerland), as well as a dynamic metropolis with trendy modern districts such as "Le Flon".


Lausanne is built on 3 hills, so be sure to pack comfortable shoes as you will get a good workout walking around and exploring the city. To help, the city's hilltops are linked by bridges as well as the handy Metro, the only metro in Switzerland.


A city in the countryside – embedded innature and closely surrounded by the vineyards which reflect the variety of Switzerland’s wine regions. The combined forces of glaciers, rivers and mountains have produced many soil types and this enormous diversity is reflected in the great number of subtle nuances in the bouquets of the local wines.

Welcome to Lausanne – the Place to be

Welcome & Opening Ceremony

22nd October

Guided walking tour Lausanne: The Treasures of the City

The Designated and Business Delegates will enjoy a private guided tour of Lausanne including the gothic cathedral, the picturesque staircase "Escaliers du Marché", the medieval "Cité" and also the cultural area "Plateforme 10". The guided tour ends with the open-air exhibition about wine sculptures "Visarte" in the park Mon-Repos. During this time the Executive Committee will have a working session in the old town. The Opening Ceremony and a cocktail will follow for everyone.


The Best Tourism Experience

23rd October



Let yourself be transported

With an oldtimer bus, you will drive through the vineyards. In the morning you will stop at the Colline de Daval for a visit and a tasting. In the afternoon, you will discover the Celliers de Sion, both of these locations won a Best Of Wine Tourism Award.



Swiss Dinner at Château de Chillon

The evening will take place at the magical Chillon Castle. Located on a rocky island right off the shore, the Chillon Castle is the most visited monument in Switzerland. Numerous artists and writers were inspired by the medieval fortress, such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo and Lord Byron, author of the famous poem "The Prisoner of Chillon" (1816).


The Grape Varieties

24th October



Emblematic grape variety

You are invited to the Chablais region, to the Château d’Aigle, home of the Vineyard and Wine Museum. There you will be divided into groups for a visit of the castle and activities. Walk along the vineyard path to get to the meal at the Clos Aimond. Various wines will be tasted.



A well-kept secret

Let's escape to the Neuchâtel region to explore Pinot Noir. Your first stop will be at the Château de Boudry, where you will be introduced to five different Pinot Noirs. You will then have the opportunity to taste a typical Neuchâtel dish. After lunch, you will visit the Domaine Chambleau and taste different wines.



International Tasting at the EHL

You will visit the world's most famous hotel school for international wine tasting. The EHL – Hospitality Business School has been a pioneer in teaching methods for the hospitality industry in Switzerland.

Switzerland’s Uniqueness

25th October



Discover the region using all your senses

Your visit to the Lavaux terraced vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, begins at Domaine Bovy in Chexbres. Here, you will discover the estate and the winner of the Best Of Wine Tourism award. Accompanied by certified guides, the tour continues in small trains. A meal will then be served at the Domaine Burignon, followed by a tasting at Vinorama, the Lavaux wine discovery center.



Valais wines reach the top

The highest vineyard in Europe is located at an altitude of 1150 metres in Visperterminen. The St. Jodern cellar is located a little further down; Heida (Savagnin Blanc) is grown at this level. Your day begins with a visit to the cellar. You will then travel to Sierre and enjoy a good meal at the Château de Villa. Finally, you head to Saillon to visit the vineyard at Farinet: the smallest registered vineyard in the world, it has only three vines. The current owner is the Dalai Lama.



Geneva wines, an international touch

In the countryside near the city of Geneva you will be welcomed at the Domain Château du Crest. You will visit the farm and the domaine, followed by a wine tasting and a meal. Afterwards, you can view the art exhibition of the Micheli-du-Crest family. You will then return to the train station to go back to Lausanne.



The red wine specialists

Start your day with a visit to Changins (School of Viticulture and Oenology). The day will take you through the Ticino region and parts of German-speaking Switzerland. Get ready to discover well-kept treasures from little-known wine-making regions.


Conference Day and Gala Dinner

26th October



Wine Tourism in Switzerland from tradition to innovation

The Conference Day will take place in the Olympic Museum. This Museum overlooking Lake Geneva welcomes over 300,000 visitors every year. In addition to its 3,000 m2 of interactive exhibitions, it hosts seminars and business events in a unique place dedicated to sport, art and culture, with the Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship.

Conference Day Program



Best Of Wine Tourism Award at Beau-Rivage Palace

To close this beautiful week, the Beau-Rivage Palace will host the Gala Dinner and announce the Best Of Wine Tourism awards. This hotel offers its guests outstanding service and breathtaking views of Lake Geneva, the Alps and its own beautiful gardens.

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Swiss Wine Regions

Swiss vineyards cover 14,696 hectares, with more than 2,500 winemakers in six regions: Valais, Vaud, German-speaking Switzerland, Geneva, Ticino and the Three Lakes.

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